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HydroLogics, Inc., is the worldwide water resources management consulting firm that the experts come to when they need help in water resources management.


Water purveyors, municipalities, industries, agriculturalists, and environmentalists often have extremely divergent goals for the use of precious water resources. When these goals collide, the situation often appears chaotic.

We help bring order out of this chaos, assisting these different interests in arriving at mutually agreeable solutions, despite divergent goals — and often "finding" more water in existing water systems in the process.


HydroLogics specializes in water systems analysis, operations planning, hydropower, conflict resolution using our Computer-Aided Dispute Resolution services, and water marketing.

OASIS, Simulation Software

HydroLogics is also a leader in the development of analytical tools. Our simulation software, OASIS, (Operational Analysis and Simulation of Integrated Systems) with OCL™ (Operations Control Language) defines the state of the art.

This easy-to-learn software utilizes our patented logic routines to identify the best possible set of solutions to complex, multi-objective problems and is just one of the reasons why we consistently achieve agreeable, workable solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner.




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