HydroLogics, Inc., specializes in the integrated management and planning of water resources systems. We offer worldwide consulting services in four basic areas:



We are committed to helping our clients find better, more workable solutions to their water resources management problems in a timely and cost-effective way, and we have the necessary qualifications to ensure we get results.

Systematic Approach

While every water resources system is unique and requires an individualized approach, HydroLogics has developed a general approach that has proven effective for understanding of the problem and assisting in developing innovative solutions.

Step 1: Develop Performance Measures
First, we help the client, and other interested parties as appropriate, develop performance measures that represent the objectives for the project or study. Performance measures indicate whether one result is better or worse than an alternative and form the basis for the development of our system analysis.

Step 2: Identify Data Available For Use
Based on the results of Step 1, we help identify the data available for use in generating the performance measures when alternatives are evaluated.

Step 3: Achieve Consensus On Evaluation Methodology
Next, we help achieve consensus on the methodology to evaluate performance measures with available data.

Step 4: Agree On Types Of Alternatives To Be Evaluated
The next step is to help build consensus on the types of alternatives to be evaluated.

Step 5: Design Analytical Tools
We then design the analytical tools that will be required to generate the performance measures.

Step 6: Analyze Alternatives
Next, we develop and analyze alternatives from a systems point of view.

Step 7: Select A Solution
As needed, we help select a non-inferior solution or set of solutions.

Step 8: Develop Implementation Strategy
In the final stage, we help develop an effective strategy for implementing that solution.

Unique Tools

We have developed easy-to-learn tools that incorporate modern computer technology to achieve better results with greater speed and accuracy.

These include:


  • HydroLogics' modeling software, OASIS, which defines the state of the art for water resources systems analysis tools.
  • Our patented Operations Control Language (OCL™) that makes it easy for planners and negotiating parties to test assumptions and try alternative methods in meetings, and then see the results almost immediately.



Our company has considerable experience in resolving complex water resources-related problems. Since 1985, our use of advanced optimization and simulation techniques has assisted our water resources clients in long-term planning, operations planning, environmental impacts evaluation, water quality management, drought management, and the relicensing of hydroelectric projects.


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