OASIS software is a powerful tool that enables parties with diverse and often conflicting goals — such as cities, power facilities, environmentalists, and agriculturalists — to work together to develop operating policies and solutions that mutually satisfy their diverse objectives. It is capable of modeling virtually any water system in the world, from small and simple to large and complex. OASIS is a major advancement in the modeling of water and hydropower systems, featuring unprecedented ease of use and effectiveness of results.

OASIS' combination of a graphical user interface and OCL™ (Operation Control Language) enables data to be entered as a series of easily stated rules and constraints, making the software easy to learn and use - even without programming knowledge. Unlike previous "black box" models, OASIS with OCL allows the interested parties to model systems in planning or negotiation sessions and see results almost immediately.





"With OASIS as a simulation model we have been able to demonstrate with a high degree of confidence the impact of different operating policies on everyone's objectives. We have the ability to test the assumptions and try alternative methods right at the table, and there's nothing 'black box' about it."

Dr. Sam Pearsall, The Nature Conservancy, Durham, North Carolina

The HydroLogics-patented software routine at the heart of HydroLogics' OCL enables users to frame weighted operating objectives in a way that parallels intelligent human behavior, while at the same time dealing with the millions of combinations of conditions that can the drive decision-making process in water-resource management. When combined with OASIS software for modeling water systems, it forms a powerful tool that allows unprecedented decision-making and planning for the future.



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