HydroLogics' projects span a wide range of water resources analysis services that include the consideration of multiple conflicting objectives and integrated system management. Some examples are provided below. Note: this page is being updated for our most recent projects.

City of Rocky Mount, NC - Water Supply Planning and Operations
HydroLogics re-evaluated system safe yield and also developed a drought management plan to help the City achieve a better balance among the risk of failure, the hardship associated with the imposition of demand restrictions, and the ecological stress that would result from reduced instream flows.

Delaware River Basin - A Strategy for Resolving Interstate Flow Management Issues
As a result of the 1999 drought, the Delaware River Basin Commission recognized a need for developing and assessing a flow augmentation policy for the Delaware River. HydroLogics is the prime contractor in a major effort to review flow management issues in the basin. HydroLogics' involvement has been central to the evaluation of the impacts of different operating scenarios and to a strategy for resolving disputes.

South Florida Water Management District - Regional Water Supply Plan
Recently the South Florida Water Management District developed a Regional Water Supply Plan for the Lower East Coast. The Plan covers the eastern half of the Florida peninsula from Lake Okeechobee south — a region that includes the highly urbanized area from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys, Everglades National Park, as well as Lake Okeechobee and the extensive agriculture area on its southern shore. HydroLogics helped to develop a Plan that addresses three major issues: environmental restoration, urban growth and the continued availability of water for agricultural production.

Roanoke River Projects
For seven years, HydroLogics has been playing a major role in several studies of the management of the Roanoke River. Scientists from several universities are studying the ecological stress resulting from altered hydrologic regimes. HydroLogics' role has been to model the system of reservoirs; to help identify hydrologic characteristics that may be associated with the observed phenomena; and to identify management options that may improve the ecosystem.

PG & E Proposed Divestiture of Hydroelectric Generation Assets
In 1999, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) proposed the sale of its California hydroelectric facilities. HydroLogics helped the California Public Utilities Commission identify the reasonably foreseeable changes in hydropower operations that might occur with the proposed divestiture of the PG&E hydropower facilities in eight river basins in Northern California. HydroLogics, working as a sub-contractor to Aspen Environmental Group, the primary contractor on the project, modeled over 50 major reservoirs in eight separate watersheds.

Kansas River Basin Projects
Simulation games held for the Kansas River Basin led to revised water allocation procedures and operating rules, and led to the formation of a water district to jointly operate all storage in the basin.

Las Vegas Valley Region, Nevada
HydroLogics was retained to develop the analytical computer tools required to analyze the regional water problems and to help mediate discussions concerning regional water supply alternatives. Throughout the valley the use of model building and analysis, combined with Computer-aided Negotiation (CAN) became known as the "WRMI Process."

Placer County Water Agency - Water Supply Evaluation
As the water supply picture in California saw significant changes in the 1990's, Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) recognized a need to evaluate the reliability of its Middle Fork Project and PG&E contract water supply. This evaluation has been used to establish PCWA's position in the American River Water Forum, evaluate water supply alternatives, evaluate possible water shortages, explore possible water sales (transfers) and explore operational changes.

Alameda County Water District - Water Resources Management Planning Study
HydroLogics assisted the Alameda County Water District (ACWD) in evaluating and improving the reliability and quality of their water supply system caused by uncertainties inherent in their State Water Project (SWP) and Hetch Hetchy supplies. HydroLogics developed a local system model that allowed evaluation of all options (water supply, demand management and system operations options) available to ACWD.

Tapoco Hydroelectric Project
To provide comparative information on the impacts of alternative operating scenarios, HydroLogics is developing an hourly simulation model of Alcoa Power Generating Inc.'s Tapoco hydroelectric system.

Washington DC Metropolitan Area
Three utilities responsible for the water supply for the Washington DC Metropolitan area participated in a series of simulation games using the Computer-Aided Dispute Resolution approach. This resulted in the development of a management plan that increased the yield of the Potomac River system by 30%, postponing the need for additional water supply construction.

Yellow River Water Resources Planning Study
The Ministry of Water Resources, People's Republic of China retained HydroLogics to assist the them in developing economically efficient and socially equitable management strategies for the waters of the Yellow River.


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