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HydroLogics specializes in assisting clients to develop innovative, yet practical solutions to complex environmental planning, management and design problems. Complete resource analysis, including consideration of multiple conflicting objectives and integrated system management, can significantly improve overall benefits.

We offer a multitude of services that cater to the special needs of individual clients, including:

Water Supply System Evaluation
One of the difficult tasks facing those who manage water supply systems, especially large and complex systems, is determining the reliability of the system's raw water supply under current and future conditions.

HydroLogics specializes in performing these types of water system assessments. HydroLogics has developed a modeling system, which allows the construction of accurate models customized for individual water systems in a relatively short time period and at a reasonable cost. The modeling environment is called OASIS (Operational Analysis and Simulation of Integrated Systems), and it is the centerpiece of our consulting work.

In brief, OASIS is a generalized program for modeling the operations of water resources systems. OASIS uses a linear programming (LP) "engine" to simulate the movement (or "routing") of water through a system. The Operations Control Language (OCL), which is patented, is an integral part of OASIS, and it gives tremendous power to the modeler.

Hydroelectric System Evaluation
Many water supply systems also have the production of hydropower as part of the objective of the project. In such projects the evaluation of hydropower is a part of the overall analysis of the multi-objective project. Frequently, however, the hydroelectric industry has special needs which can easily be met by services from HydroLogics. Planning level activities and assistance with the FERC licencing process are two services provided by HydroLogics.

Computer-Aided Dispute Resolution
HydroLogics has pioneered the use of Computer-Aided Negotiations (CAN) and operations exercises techniques in multi-objective, multi-party mediation and conflict resolution. The CAN sessions and operations exercises provide a forum to quickly evaluate alternative solutions to a dispute that may involve multiple parties and multiple objectives. Decisions regarding who gets how much of a scarce water supply are often complicated by hydrologic uncertainty, legal and institutional constraints placed on the use and transfer of water. Effectively designed CAN sessions integrate computer modeling techniques with the existing water management structures. HydroLogics has used these techniques in resolving water resources disputes in the Washington metropolitan area, Las Vegas and the Kansas River basin.

Water Marketing
Many economists and water purveyors believe that water markets are the solution to water allocation problems, but there is little agreement about what a water market should really look like. HydroLogics has been active in the research in the field of water marketing and in the investigation of potential trades. Our OASIS model provides a powerful tool for managing water markets and evaluating potential trades.


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